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The Legacy ofCleopatra: Pylon Monument Recovered from Underwater City 

 Cleopatra is still forever the epitome of a woman’s strength and beauty. Being the Pharaoh of Egypt and ruling over Alexandria, history, even literature (as frequently associated to Shakespearean plays) has noted her for the aspects that women today are definitely realizing: treated as men’s equal. However it is likely that the fabled queen is indeed not just fiction but reality as a monument was lifted from Cleopatra’s underwater city. 

Last Thursday, December 17, a group of archeologist hoisted a 9 ton temple pylon from a said to be palace complex of Cleopatra found before it was submerged in the harbor brought about by an earthquake during the fourth century. 

The monument was recovered by divers and underwater archeologist using giant cranes and ropes. It was said to weigh 9 ton and measures 7.4 feet which made it need the heavy artillery to hoist it up. It was covered in seaweed and muck. The said activity was led by top archeologist Zahi Hawaas.

The pylon monument, which was first placed at the entrance to Isis’ temple, is planned by Egypt to be the centerpiece to an underwater museum to showcase the sunken city. It was part of the palace which the Ptolemaic dynasty ruled Egypt. Historic tenant background check also pictures it as where Cleopatra, during the first century, became lovers with Marc Antony before they both committed suicide after they were defeated by Augustus Caesar. The temple of Isis was then the haven for Cleopatra, being a devoted follower of the said goddess. 

Isis was said to be the Egyptian goddess of fertility and magic. Her monument was estimated to be at least 2,050 years old although there archeologist who helped in claiming it believed this was much older. 

Cleopatra’s palace and other buildings may be lying underwater—the Mediterranean to be exact—but the historians and archeologist have scavenged for the second largest city since 1994. They have explored (a sort of tenant background check) to relive and bear proof of a great legacy. There are still artifacts lying underneath and although the said underwater museum is still a plan, the confidence that Cleopatra’s legacy will still be shared more to the world especially with women who are doing their share in showing equality to the world. 


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More about Galileo: Things Unknown About the Father of Modern Science

If there was one crazy discovery, about a well known person from human history, it would be that of Galileo. He may be considered as the “Father of modern Physics” and the “father of science” but an employment background check would reveal that there is more than his involvement with science as we know it.

In a July 2007 issue of the Discover magazine, an article on Galileo revealed 20 things that were not much known about him. The first is a definite surprise (though most of the information in the article are), especially for those who have concentrated their studies and ideas about him only on his discoveries and innovations.

An employment background check on Galileo would reveal that he once joined the order. However, his father withdrew him from becoming a monk long after he had announced thus making him a defrocked priest for life. ‘Till his time of death, he had been a devout catholic, but he never married the mother of his three children.

Galileo’s studies on the pendulum began while he watches a lamp swing back and forth in the cathedral of Pisa. He even had this belief that a pendulum’s period is constant; this was proven to be wrong though. He even planned to build a pendulum clock, but with no success.

Going back on his being a devout catholic, Galileo even deduced the length of Dante’s Lucifer, which was presented in Divine Comedy, to 2,000 arm-lengths long. He also concentrated in studying the said drama’s inferno, specifically its dimension. This was the point when he was turned on by math and saw Dante’s presentation of hell as a challenge. More on his mathematical side: Galileo was hired by the University of Pisa as a professor in mathematics. Unfortunately his contract was not renewed due to attitude problem—being difficult to work with and his inappropriateness with his students.

From the mere not-so-much-unknown to details which are more familiar: As we all know Galileo formulated the laws on acceleration, however, there are no proofs whatsoever that he dropped balls off the Leaning Tower of Pisa to prove this point. In addition the infamous invention of the telescope is not actually his. The idea was of a Dutch man (who is a spectacle maker), as he made a spyglass. It was only Galileo who used it to observe the skies.

Heavenly bodies sparked and interest in Galileo. His findings on Saturn are encoded—hidden—in an anagram. Last 2000, a probe, named after him, proved his discovery on Europa, one of the four moons of Jupiter. More so, his observation on Jupiter’s moon made him convinced that the earth is not the center of the universe.

After his father’s death, Galileo made a living by designing compasses that were to aim at cannon balls. He has other inventions which were all in sketch including a pocket comb that can also be used as an eating utensil. One earlier invention, the first thermometer for measuring temperature, unluckily became a financial failure.

These are not entirely unknown, just not that familiar. His greatness made him popular, but just like any person we would want to admire, shortcomings or other facts that may oppose the image that is being built, requires certain information to, either be deprived, of limited to the public. In the case of Galileo, the presented facts are not to degrade him but rather to keep the people corrected in some misconceptions brought about by lack of background information.

There’s more information about Galileo the public are not aware of or are not familiar much in the Discover magazine. Truly it is one article that has widened one’s understanding on one of the greatest scientist in history.

Two Words: Loving Lea

It may have been last 2005 since she got married but Lea Salonga’s Two Words still gives such an impact that listening to it again and again is never a bore.

I have admired her since I was a kid, especially when she went to London to play the lead (Kim) to Miss Saigon. Her songs brought such bravado that she sent chills down my spine. At a young age I already got my share of the classical taste because of her and because I was exposed to my father’s early wake-up calls (the classics playing). However it was really when Lea Salonga got into the production that really enticed my interest. Theatricals became such an interest, especially everything that she starred on, that I even got myself an album of the original casts recording of Miss Saigon’s songs. Employment verification has definitely regarded her as one of the elite when it comes to this field since she started at an early age—and aced it!

Two Words are presently a favorite. She got married at an age which I believe is logical enough for a girl nowadays. A background check of her life will surely show how she had enjoyed her career and before she found the right man. The song fits perfectly well with her journey as a woman—in as much as every person would given that did they let time decide for them. Patience is a virtue enclosed with hard work and her song showed that much from all the waiting and the changes till she found her heart’s content.

The song was actually composed by Lea herself as her brother arranged it for her. Each word clearly gives a description of the feeling as she becomes the bride. Every moment she had while waiting for the right one, especially those when she did find the one. Everybody can definitely relate to this.

Two Words became a part of her album and a part of every hopeful for such dreams of happy ever after to come true. And as the story ends there’s this realization—a lesson—that at present we can only do what we must do and wait for time to tell where life will lead us.

What is SEO?

Search Engine

Search Engine

Some knows this already but some don’t. For guys that didn’t know, SEO or search engine optimization is a process of enhancing not only the design but the overall of a website. This includes usability, functionality and search-ability of a website using any search engine.

For the site to get in search engine results, it should have better page rank, and get higher rankings on certain words or phrases that customers or users will key-in on the search box.

As an SEO individual, one must be keen in details and should have good analytical skills considering the fact that it must think on how the search engine works and what the users are searching.

For the next post, we will discuss the two types of optimization (On page and off page optimization).

Gabriel Libacao in Search Engine Optimization Training – the First in Legazpi

Legazpi City, Philippines – Southern Luzon Technological College Foundation Inc. (SLTCFI) conducts (if not mistaken) the very first Search Engine Optimization Training in the whole province of Albay. Gabriel Libacao – among the luminaries of the SEO industry in the Philippines share’s their knowledge and guide future skilled individuals to become a good SEO.

After attending such training, participants will be able to:

  • Have a solid background about HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) including basic CS (Cascading Style Sheet) and JavaScript.
  • Perform keyword research which is the very essence of SEO for both on-page and off-page optimization.
  • Be familiar with variety of marketing avenues where you can establish links to your website and increase both traffic and page rank.
  • Add several links that helps potential customer to find your website and possible increase on ROI.
  • Measure result of your campaign and maintain the traffic of your site.

With the Internet becoming the best tool in getting into business around the world, more and more company and even individual entrepreneur sells their product and offer services through the net. It completely changed the industry of buy and sell. Both physical and location barriers are eliminated making the world a one global market keeping you in touch with anyone and everyone. In connection, it also put search engine optimization or simply SEO to higher heights as it become increasingly needed for web marketing.

Making your website heard from various search engine is a complex process. Doing so will need specialized people who can analyze problems and provide solutions. For this, SEO training like one offered by SLTCFI will help individuals who have the skills and interest of becoming an SEO. To become excellent in this field, one must possess a good writing and analytical skills. Furthermore, being a research oriented and Internet savvy is a plus.

If you carry such characteristics stated above, the SEO Training offered would provide you access from the basic to advance techniques and strategies that are used in the field. Once you have digested such methods, you can implement it yourself and try if it’s going to work for you. If not, you can formulate your own system and reach the success for whatever business venture you may have through the net.

Going through this SEO Training will equip everyone who are interested with up to date know how in making your website gain higher rankings against its competitors. The whole process of marketing your website and increasing page rank can be confusing. But once you have the basics and you have good mentors like Gabby Libacao who knows how to attain the goals of an SEO. They will guide you on areas like achieving the right keyword for your website, planning and applying the best techniques that online marketing has been using.

Proper SEO Training

SEO blocks

SEO blocks

I’ve known Internet Marketing for some time now since I worked for internet based companies for the past 5 years. However, I didn’t have the chance to have a formal training about the subject until today, thanks for the free training given by SLTCFI (Southern Luzon Technological College Foundation Inc.).

Undergoing the said training will let you learn the right way in making your website rank in the first page of the search engine. After all, the very goal of an SEO is to reach the top spot of search engine by using several correct keywords. Subsequent to rankings, website income and other advantages will have a domino effect.

Becoming a good or best SEO in the industry is not an easy task and it cannot be achieved just after the training. It needs continuous experience, endless trial and error in formulating better strategies that will work on you and to the website you are working for.