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Two Words: Loving Lea

It may have been last 2005 since she got married but Lea Salonga’s Two Words still gives such an impact that listening to it again and again is never a bore.

I have admired her since I was a kid, especially when she went to London to play the lead (Kim) to Miss Saigon. Her songs brought such bravado that she sent chills down my spine. At a young age I already got my share of the classical taste because of her and because I was exposed to my father’s early wake-up calls (the classics playing). However it was really when Lea Salonga got into the production that really enticed my interest. Theatricals became such an interest, especially everything that she starred on, that I even got myself an album of the original casts recording of Miss Saigon’s songs. Employment verification has definitely regarded her as one of the elite when it comes to this field since she started at an early age—and aced it!

Two Words are presently a favorite. She got married at an age which I believe is logical enough for a girl nowadays. A background check of her life will surely show how she had enjoyed her career and before she found the right man. The song fits perfectly well with her journey as a woman—in as much as every person would given that did they let time decide for them. Patience is a virtue enclosed with hard work and her song showed that much from all the waiting and the changes till she found her heart’s content.

The song was actually composed by Lea herself as her brother arranged it for her. Each word clearly gives a description of the feeling as she becomes the bride. Every moment she had while waiting for the right one, especially those when she did find the one. Everybody can definitely relate to this.

Two Words became a part of her album and a part of every hopeful for such dreams of happy ever after to come true. And as the story ends there’s this realization—a lesson—that at present we can only do what we must do and wait for time to tell where life will lead us.